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Thread: Help with flush valve replacement

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    Arrow Help with flush valve replacement

    Hey everyone. A below novice plumber here. My toilet has become very hard to flush. Almost feels like the flushing handle will break everytime I flush the toilet.

    From what I've gathered my flush valve needs to be replaced. I have a Mansfield #160 tank.

    A couple questions: 1) Are flush valve seals for Mansfield 210/211's good for #160? The 210/211 seals are the only ones I can find anywhere.

    2) When I get down to the red flush valve seal and try to take it out it pretty much disintegrates to the touch. Should I just scrape it out with a screwdriver or something or should I just replace the whole flush valve.

    And finally, if I do have to replace the flush valve, how do you guys usually go about unscrewing the 3 bolts on the bottom of the tank to remove it from the base? Just a big screwdriver or is there some sort of special wide tool for this?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    You probably wont even need to replace the entire flush valve. More than likely, you will only have to replace the red gasket that sits at the base of the flush tower. Mansfield toilets are notorious for this problem. Over time, the gasket starts to develop a suction against the flush valve, and it gets so hard to flush that you honestly think you are going to break the flush handle. Go to any big box store or hardware store, and they should have a mansfield specific gasket, which I believe indeed will be a 210/211 gasket. A 160 tank is often used with the Alto, which as long as it has the original flush valve tower, should work fine with with that gasket, if I remember correctly. When you try to take out the old one, make sure you get all the little pieces of the old gasket out. If any bits are left, it may prevent the new gasket from seeling correctly to the flush tower. Once you replace it, you may have to flush it a few times to get it to adjust and seat correctly, and not allow any leaks down into the bowl. Keith
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    When you mount the ring in the groove give it a little turn . This I believe helps it set.


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