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Thread: Can I use one thermostat?

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    Hello and thanks in advance for any response. I just wired in two 6' 240v 1500w baseboard heaters using 12/2 w grd. in a 10x20 room with 12' vaulted cielings. This room also has very large windows (2 - 6'x6's, a large entry door and two smaller windows) so,... as you can guess, I don't think these two heaters are enough to heat the room in real cold temps. I think if I add two more 4' heaters, it would probably be adequate. I know these two new heaters need to be on a seperate circuit from the 6 footers, but is there any way to have all the heaters on 1 stat?, or do the 2-4 footers need to be on thier own stat? Or, should I re-wire everything with 10/2 so everything could be on the same circuit and same stat? Also, is there a way to use a low voltage stat for these baseboard heaters or do you have to use line voltage stats? Sorry for all the questions... Thanks for your help!
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