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Thread: Rust Gunk Lining PVC Pipes from Well to Home

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    Up down hill makes no difference. I don't know who the plumber was that told you that, but he's sadly mistaken.

    If your getting chunks after your water softener, they on the pipes behind your water softener. They can't get through the softener.

    Pouring bleach into your pipes can let in some air which can in fact loosen some particles.


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    Murray, you have had a real expert answer this question, but you still seem to think you can solve this problem by listening to a salesman at Lowe's and continue looking for a cheap way to fix a complex problem. Gary Slusser has dealt with your kind of problem for years. He probably has forgotten more about the subject they most of us have ever heard of. The best advice I can offer is to contact him again and this time listen to him and take his advice. In the meantime, for God's sake, do put caustic chemicals into your water supply!

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    Quote Originally Posted by murray1987 View Post
    On of the units is an iron filter. We live in a very hard water and iron area. My dad has paid ocer $5000 in units just t make the water useable. The bleach is added yearly to kill bacteria. There is just something going on in the pipes coming from the units to our house, rather they need cleaned from build up or like someone else said we are getting all the residue the filters arenot getting because we are down hill. We have plastic pipes and my parents are galvanized and you would think they would have problems, not us. When we pour bleach or rust stain remover in justour pipes LOTS of orange rust chunks come out. We are trying to avoid the chunks so we can drink our water. I just assumed the inline filter being hooked up before it reaches our house would catch the chunks.
    The equipment is not working correctly. I mean it is allowing dissolved iron to remain in the water which then oxidizes and lines the pipe and it builds up until it flakes off in your chunks. If you insist on using one... your disposable filter should be on your plumbing where the line comes into your house. That way it can remove all chunks that break off ahead of it.

    Shocking a well can make the problem worse because it can increase the rusting of a metal well casing, IRB and other reducing types of bacteria will form slime to protect themselves and that forms rock hard encrustations and their numbers can increase and... if you run that chlorine through a softener and some iron filter minerals, you ruin them. Which may be why the equipment isn't working now but...

    As you should see, your way of dealing with the problem and its cause is not working. You can add all the disposable cartridge filters you want and you are still going to have the orange rusty iron stains even if you get rid of the chunks.

    Gary Swart, thanks for the support. Murray hasn't called me yet.
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    Oops! To be sure of what was meant:

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Swart View Post
    ... do [not] put caustic chemicals into your water supply!


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