We share a well with my parents. Their water and piping is fine. He put a lot of filters and such because of the hard water in our area. But the pvc pipes coming from the well to our home have about 1/4" rust looking gunk lining them. We discovered this when repairing a leak. They run about 1/8 mile down hill. Anyway we get rusty chunks, particles, specks in the water everyday so we can't even drink it. We cannot even have filters on our sinks or washer because they fill up and clog quickly.

Our sinks, tub, dishwasher, toilet and washer stay orange! Whink Rust Stain Remover is the only product we have found to make them white again but are going through a bottle or two a week.

I wanted to try putting it down the pipe but it is not supposed to be used for anything you may drink from. Is there anything I can put in my pipes leading to the house that will clean out all the gunk? We already tried Clorox Bleach in bothe the main filters and just in the pipes to our home and it got a lot of gunk out but once the bleach smell is gone after a day ro two the orange comes back and the water is not longer drinkable.

What can we use? Is the Whink Stain Remover ok and would it work, and we just don't drink the water for a week?