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Thread: Nu Well Tablets

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    Default Nu Well Tablets

    Questions about a sand point;

    How long do they last?
    Do those filter socks work from sand entering the screens?
    Are the tablets the only way of washing a sand point?
    How much water is need to disolve the tablets by means of water going into the well. How far down must a hose go into the well.
    I have a 1 1/4" sand point down about 25'. How many tablets are needed?
    Last questions, can one buy these tablets in Canada.

    Great site, great info. Thank you.

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    The NuWell tablets can last a long time if you can't get the water to pass by them and out of the screen. Fresh water is what dissolves them and makes them work. I always tried to get a garden hose from a neighbors to put into the well and set it so it almost keeps the well full but not overflowing too much. I would go back every couple of hours (this should give you and idea of how long it takes to clean a screen) and re-adjust the hose bibb to "Hopefully" add more water. If more water is needed to fill the casing, the tabs are working. I would usually leave the hose in overnight then come back the next day, give the well a large antacid tablet (couple boxes of baking soda) to neautralize any acid that might be left then pump it off.

    For an 1-/4" well, you should drop them one at a time so they don't bridge in a joint. About 10- -15 tablets at first. Then in a few hours 10 - 15 more and more water. Once you can't fill the well anymore or it doesn't fill easily, you can give it a try with the pitcher pump.

    I'm sure you can Google Nu Well Tablets and get them from the internet. They are made by Johnson Screen.


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    Thank you for great info. I will try to track these down in canada.


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