Hey everyone, just want to say how helpful this forum has already been for me. Helped me solve an issue with both of my tub faucet's today without even having to post. I had my shower slow to a trickle right after lathering up (of course). I headed for the guest shower, and got nothing but straight hot water out of that one. All other fixtures were acting normal and I called the water co to check for any work they might be doing but no problem there. I called the handyman my Mom and I have used for years and left a message, then decided to do some online research while I waited for him to call me back. I found out what the temperature regulator is, and from this site, that it often causes problems like mine. I also found out here about the special tool that comes in handy in removing the cartridge. Ran to Lowe's, which actually had the Moen core puller, took it home and pulled the one in my faucet. Took it apart, and there stuck inside the core is a tiny wad of duct tape folded over. I look inside the faucet housing and there's another one sticking out of the hot water inlet. Looked like it had been there for awhile, had some calcium build up on it. Needless to say, after removing that and putting it all back together it works fine. I pulled the one in the guest bath expecting to find the same, but that one was actually stuck, freed it up and cleaned the temp regulator capsule with some CLR and it was good as new. That faucet has only been used twice in 2 years so guess it was just bad timing on my part that I found out the problem today. I can only speculate on the origin of the tape, but I always thought that faucet had lower flow than it should, just never low enough to make me want to take it apart. I've only lived here 2 years, the home was built in 2001. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could ID the faucet I have, just for my own info. Here's a pic I took:

Again, thanks to all who take the time to post here and help us first timers learn some tips that can save a lot of time and money. (The handyman has yet to call me back) Have a great weekend!