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Thread: Flowise Dual Flush 2479.216 dual flush toilet, problems and questions

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    Default Flowise Dual Flush 2479.216 dual flush toilet, problems and questions

    Hi there,

    I recently bought a Flowise #2479.216 and I'm just not shure about if it is ok or not.

    Here are my questions:
    - Is it normal that at the end of the flush cycle there is no "air sucking action" (in other words: the water doesn't completely go)?

    - Is it normal that there is only water in the little lower part of the bowl, where the drain starts (about 3 inches wide by 4 inches long BY 1 1/2 inches deep? I know that it is suppose to retain less water in the bowl but that little, I doubt it!

    - When we use the toilet for liquid waste, is it normal that some of it remains (the water after the little flush doesn't become perfectly whitty clear)? Because of that un-prooven performances , we didn't have the courage to test the solid waste. Is it safe to use it normally with solid waste?

    - By the way, according to the poor manual, I think that the water level in the tank is ok, if I compare my tank and the schema.

    - What is the popular appreciation of that model?

    - Is it possible to return a toilet to the store or American standard directly if we are not satisfied? (Well, before being satisfied or not, I need your advice on this model).

    Thanks a lot guys,
    - Eric Thibeault


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