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Thread: Need help installing a new tub/shower faucet.

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    Default Need help installing a new tub/shower faucet.


    I need some advice for installing a new tub/shower valve. The first two photos show the existing arrangement, and the last photo shows the new valve. I want to use galvanized pipe and fittings since Im not capable of doing copper.
    1. The new valve has male (IPS) threads sticking out of it instead of female threads (like the old one). I would like to use couplings (female/female) to on each of male threads of the valve then re-attach everything like the old valve was installed. Is that a good way to do this?
    3. Are the male IPS threads compatible with the female NPT (I think) coupler threads?
    4. Should I add more unions?
    5. How do I calculate the new lengths that will be needed on the left and right side of the valve?
    Thanks, Wayne
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