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Thread: Moving Sink Faucet plumbing

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    Default Moving Sink Faucet plumbing


    We have a master bathroom sink/vanity that we are looking to replace. There are several issues but the one I am looking for advice on (first) is the plumbing. The current vanity is a 24" + 24" + 18" combination setup. The sink is WAY over to the left in the first 24" cabinet. We are looking to get a 36" or 48" cabinet with the sink away from the left side wall more. The problem is that the plumbing is very close to the side wall. I have attached a drawing of the undercabinet with the distances of each component to the sidewall. It looks like I will have to go through a stud if I want to move these over much.

    Any recommendation of how to simplify this process? We would love to have usable drawers in the sink vanity but I will need to have at least 12" clearance from the wall before the plumbing starts to accomplish that.

    How much can I move these components outside of the wall? or should we just go ahead and hire us a plumber to move them within the wall?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated... also if you know how I can fashion some less-expensive base cabinets than the crappy ones in the bath section at the bigbox store, I would love to hear them!

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    Sink bases are the worst for storage so if that is a priority then get one as small as possible and get drawer or shelf units to make up the space. Also, new vanity heights are taller than the old style so you'll have that much extra room under the sink as well.

    Of course you have to plan the plumbing out first. As long as you have both supplies and drain connection you can use quick connect hoses and 1-1/2" trap, tailpieces and extensions to get where you must go.

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    If you want to go with 36" or 48" and move the inwall plumbing to miss drawers, then you may want to bring in a plumber.
    Some cabinets have drawers that don't go all the way back, if that is the case you may be able to use the existing locations and 90 over for the drain.


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