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Thread: UltraMax or Drake?

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    Default UltraMax or Drake?

    Terry, your site is by far the most useful thing I've found in my quest for new toilets. I really appreciate it.

    My wife and I need to replace all three aging/dying toilets in our house. It looks like our choice may have come down to the Toto UltraMax or the Toto Drake.


    1. We have a well and septic. Ice or electric storms cause multi-hour power outages once or twice per year and that means no power for the well pump and no water. When that happens we hand fill toilets with a bucket using stored water so that we can flush them.

    2. We are going to hire a plumber to do the installation. I'm not a handy person and need a very reliable and low-maintenance solution.

    3. The toilets are for 1) master bath, 2) bathroom shared by three bedrooms, and 3) main level powder room.

    4. We may want to sell the house in a year or two. Resale value matters.

    5. They need to be really quiet. I work while the family sleeps and vice versa.

    After doing research on the Internet I thought the UltraMax was a really good choice. My wife objects to the appearance of one-piece toilets such as the UltraMax and thinks they would not look good in our home. She is suggesting the two-piece Drake instead. I freely admit that her judgment about interior decorating is vastly superior to mine but I still want the best possible toilets.

    How does the Drake compare with the UltraMax? What if anything would I be giving up in terms of quality and performance? Or do I actually need something else entirely?

    Thanks in advance.


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    They are both great toilets. Either would be a good choice.

    I would recommend 2 things. You can go with the Eco model of either and still have the same great flush with 1.28 gallons of water. I would recommend also getting the Sanigloss finish as it aids in keeping the bowl clean. Low flow toilets do have a skid mark problem with some people. I haven't experienced any problems with my personal experience with the Drake though but others have.


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