I have taken on another project that I have questions about, this one is a bathroom. I can't seem to upload a picture but the tub is a jaccuzi style without the jets or holes. It sits on a green rectangular lip of counter top material that butts up to three walls of an alcove. The average horizontal distance from the tub perimeter to a wall is 3". The height from green lip to the uppermost part of the tub perimeters top surface is about 1.5". The appearance is that of a channel running around three sides if the tub-no good if a shower is going in there. I built this myself for only tub use but now have to change it to deal with shower spray. We want to tile the walls and tub surround. My options seem to be:

1) Build up the green lip horizontally so that the tiling would come flush with tubs top surface. Would the ensuing water puddling from showers be a problem? How should I build the surfaces to minimize potential water leakage (overlap sequence) and I assume there should be silicone caulk between the dissimilar tile and fiberglass tub materials to allow movement. The lip is robust and I would use 3/4" plywood under Hardyboard with a plastic liner somewhere in the mix but I don't quite know where.

2) The above but with the build-up surface sloped toward the tub to permit some water shedding. I think this would not look very attractive and probably harder to do.

3) Build a vertical false wall up to the tub edge and tile directly onto that. The tile would make a right angle with the tub upper surface. This would generate a shelf up where the tile stops at the top.

This was a bit long but I wanted to get all the issues out at once. There is also a window which the tile would have to go around but that only gets a bit scary with option 3. If anyone has some ideas or experience with this I would much appreciate some wisdom thrown my way.