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Thread: Re-venting issue

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    Default Re-venting issue

    I have recently undertaken a small bathroom enlargement after stealing a closet from an adjoining room and tearing down a wall that held the vanity.

    My wife decided she'd like to use the extra space to build a shower where the vanity was, and put a new vanity the other end of the room (where the bath used to be).

    The problem I have is this: the old wall that was demo'd (read 'moved') had a vent pipe that now runs from slab floor to ceiling. The vent for the toilet is approximately 7' away from this one. I plan on raising the level of the floor in the area of the shower for the supply pipes (also now sticking out of the floor) and was wondering if I have to redirect the vent pipe or if the distance of 7' from the main vent is adequate for the shower, if I were to do away with the smaller vent altogether. Redirecting would mean a small run of horizontal pipe with a slight slope to get it from its current position--in the middle of the floor--to a nearby wall, approx 3' away.

    Many thanks for any help offered.

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    The shower must be vented within five feet, 60"
    The lav must be vented within 42"

    The reason for this is to prevent the traps from siphoning dry.


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