We had three Crane toilet tanks replaced because they were defective. I happened to see an ad in the paper about the replacement option due to some lawsuit (I live in B.C. Canada). This was about 5 years ago.

In the last few days I noticed that a crack was developing on the upper left side of the commode bowl (close to the tank) and was swinging around the back and descending down the right side of the bowl. It is a hairline fracture but it is moving.

I then inspected the other two toilets and sure enough, they have a crack (hairline) all starting around the same place...on the upper left and curving around the back but not as far as the 1st one.

Do you know if the crack that I am describing will cause a leak? Would there be a bowl that is compatible with the tank (tank has t00-15A inscribed inside) that we could get if we need too?

I e-mailed Crane in Canada and I got this response:
> The bowls are not covered under this tank program. Sorry, but we cannot help
> you further.
>Any advice please?
> Thanks,
> Eileen
PS Bowls have these numbers 19039063, 17019045, C2029070 or it could be