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Thread: cracked toilet bowls

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    Default cracked toilet bowls

    We had three Crane toilet tanks replaced because they were defective. I happened to see an ad in the paper about the replacement option due to some lawsuit (I live in B.C. Canada). This was about 5 years ago.

    In the last few days I noticed that a crack was developing on the upper left side of the commode bowl (close to the tank) and was swinging around the back and descending down the right side of the bowl. It is a hairline fracture but it is moving.

    I then inspected the other two toilets and sure enough, they have a crack (hairline) all starting around the same place...on the upper left and curving around the back but not as far as the 1st one.

    Do you know if the crack that I am describing will cause a leak? Would there be a bowl that is compatible with the tank (tank has t00-15A inscribed inside) that we could get if we need too?

    I e-mailed Crane in Canada and I got this response:
    > The bowls are not covered under this tank program. Sorry, but we cannot help
    > you further.
    >Any advice please?
    > Thanks,
    > Eileen
    PS Bowls have these numbers 19039063, 17019045, C2029070 or it could be

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    By the time you replaced the bowls, you'd probably spend as much as buying a whole new toilet - the bowl is the more complex, therefore expensive part.

    My thought is someone either over tightened the tank to the bowl or somebody uses the tank as a seat back...you really can't flop down on the seat and crunch into the tank.

    The crack could just stay there as is, or it could split off tomorrow...it's really hard to say.
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    Crane is not the company it once was like say 40-50 years ago...
    They are a mere hollow shell of their former company.
    The toilets they now sell are made in China and sold in Big Box stores. In fact they are the maker of the Lowes toilet in a box...

    A toilet is an item that on the average is used 4 times by every person in the family. They often see 30-40 years of service in a house... You should really think about whether this is something you want to go with the bottom of the line or, not.

    When you look at the cost of installing several junkers that only last a short time vs a quality toilet that lasts for the life of your bathroom remodel with only normal parts replacement for wear and tear it's just not worth cheaping out on...

    May I suggest a Toto Toilet?

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    Default Crane/American Standard

    Thanks for your replies. I found out that Crane was taken over by American Standard two years ago that is why the 1-800 numbers did not seem to work. I finally phoned American Standard in Canada (1-800-387-0369). But no satisfaction. I will check into the To-To. Thanks again.

    PS The hairline fracture has moved over 1 and 1/2 " in past few days.

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    I've seen quite a few bad Crane toilets with cracks, and some of the old Norris toilets from the 70's is cracking too.

    The last thing you want to see when you come home, is the toilet in pieces and your home washing out to sea.


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