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Thread: Is ABS the best to replace my galvanized DRAINS?

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    Default Is ABS the best to replace my galvanized DRAINS?

    If I am having drains from my seperate tub and shower replaced, what is the appropriate material to use? I can't get the same answer out of the three plumbers I have quotes from. One plumber says ABS is the way to go because copper will erode much more quickly. Isn't there anything that would have some sort of lifetime warranty?

    I had a repipe done when I moved into this house about a year and a half ago. All of the water coming in comes through copper. The drains are still galvanized. My bathtub clogged up for good back in February. Couldn't get a snake down and the plumber who came said he'd likely just be boring a small hole through a bunch of build-up and the problem would only reappear. Now my shower won't drain, even though I tried to snake it myself. The answer appears to be to just replace all the drains and to get this over with and not have to worry about it, anymore.

    One plumber quoted me $3800 for ABS, including plaster patching.

    Another quoted me $4900 for copper, not including patching.

    Advice, anyone? This lady home-owner sure does appreciate it.

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    I'd go with the ABS. Copper is a good material, but I dont like using it for drains unless I have to. Certain things that are put down drains can be corrosive to copper. I install alot of cast iron drainage, but this is in commercial buildings where fire codes require it. Cast iron can and will rust on the inside causing "hills and valleys" and rough spots where clogs can and do occur. On the up side, cast iron is extremely quiet. Plastic, whether ABS or PVC is my material of choice for drains, wastes and vents (DWV). The walls are smooth, resistant to corrosion from alot of chemicals and food acids (think citrus...I've seen lemons from a bar put holes in copper drains) and when installed correctly will outlive both you and me.

    Good luck


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