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Thread: Plumbing Plan Question

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    Default Plumbing Plan Question

    Some of you may remember that I broke up my basement slab a couple months back to scope out the DWV with an eye towards adding a 2" drain and vent tie-in. I got the building permit. I have finished the insulation and am almost done with the framing. I called about the plumbing permit and they want a plumbing plan (and $130 flat fee including the plan review and up to 3 inspections). Does anyone have any tips creating the plumbing plan. Do you think they want the water and dwv for the whole house?

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    Typically they want an isometric of the DWV and perhaps the supply piping also showing pipe sizes, fittings and estimated lengths.

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    Default plan

    Usually they want an isometric drawing of the portion you are adding including any connections to the existing system.


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