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Thread: kitchen dual sink clogged

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    Default kitchen dual sink clogged

    Mr. Love, I have a dual sink in my kitchen got clogged. one has garbage disposer. the other sink drain pipe goes into wall separately at a higher level than the disposer one. when i run the disposer, water comes out of the other sink. when i stop the disposer, water come back and stay even level in both sink. it takes a long time to drain a little water. I tried chemicals it works a little bit. I tried the snake and got about 5 foot into each one but it did not do anything. what can i do next?

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    Default drain

    Call a plumber with the right snake. and do not use any more chemicals.

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    Both drains "wye" together and the clog is past that point; likely a case for a pro. To prevent if from happening again, run your disposer long before it gets filled, and toss heavy loads of food preparation or table wastes in the trash.

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