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    Ok here it goes I got a harmon SF 260 and need to know if the stuff the dealer gave me is right. I got 1 1/4 galvanized to go from top of boiler 18" to a T off T with supply one way, the other to crossover. 1 1/4 copper stright up 4' to a 90 then to a flow control valve on to a honeywell AP 401. Expansion tank under 401, air valve above. Then to heat exchanger with a 3/4 in and out back 13' with 2 90's to pump. Pump is a 009-BF 5-J Taco 1" in and out to 1 1/4 galvanized at boiler. This seams to be a lot of down sizing going on.Is the 1 1/4 to big or will it be of no problem.I am going to make the system bigger next year with another heat exchanger in the 30 x 40 garage.
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