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Thread: Reconfiguring Gould Pressure Switch

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    Default Reconfiguring Gould Pressure Switch

    I just installed a new GE whole house water filter in order to replace
    a smaller previously installed filter that just didnt handle the capacity well.

    Previously, the old filter caused a bit of switch chatter, but the new one seems
    to have more switch chatter. Before I started the installation, I had read up
    on the gould pump installation to see how to connect stuff if I wanted to
    change anything while installing the new filter and the pressure switch chatter
    info stuck in my mind but didnt seem to have instructions to do the job.

    I figured if it chattered I would do more investigation after the install, but I still
    havent found what I need to know how to move the pressure switch to the
    other side of the filter near the tank.

    Knowing I might have to deal with this I installed a 3/4 pipe about 8" long in that spot with a cap on it in case I had to cut in and do the switch install.

    What I am looking for specifically is what I need to do for this part.
    Do I need to get pressure switch tubing, if so, how do I fit it to the switch
    unit? How do I plug the old tube that goes to the pump?

    What type of conversion fittings will I need to change a 3/4" pipe down to the size of the tube?

    If you need pictures of my setup I can do that but I am figuring this is a rather common type of question that I just haven't turned up the answer to yet.

    I also just want to get a more qualified answer than my ideas on what i need
    to do since i am a bit new to the pump area of my plumbing.

    this is a Gould shallow well pump.
    Thank you,

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    Not sure exactly what you have there but I can tell you that your filter must be DOWNSTREAM of the pressure tank. If the filter is installed before the pressure switch, chatter will be a problem. More importantly is that any switch chatter is sending voltage spikes to your pump motor, which will greatly shorten the life of the motor.

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    I would add that your GE whole house filter is not going to remove anything that would or could be harmful in anyway. Including Hardness, Iron, Manganese, Taste and Odor, Bacteria, Chemicals or anything else that would otherwise need to be removed.



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