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Thread: Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore

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    Default Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore

    Does anyone have experience with interior and exterior Sherwin Williams Duration paint vs. Benjamin Moore Aura paint ?

    Thank you

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    Just had the exterior of our home painted with Duration, too soon to give a report on but it goes on and covers nicely. Also, about to use in in our livingroom.

    I selected it based on our experience with SW paints and their reputation. We use SW paints at our plant, and have always had good results.

    Have not used BM paints for years, but they always had a good reputation. I have also had good results with MAB Seashore exterior paint.

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    I've use the aura on interior trim, white only, with good results. Definatley better than the big box BEHR I started out with. Took a little getting used to as it dries really fast. I went with it for the low VOC formulation; made the missus happy.

    FWIW, my carpenter buddy swears by Sherwin Williams.
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    I think both are quality products. I usually use BM, but that's mostly because of the advice a very good friend who used to do professional paint, gave me.

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    I have first hand experience with Duration and it is awesome.

    I repainted our aluminum siding with this stuff. They insisted that NO PRIMING is necessary. They were correct. Covered with one coat (painted gray over existing beige) and that was eight years ago.

    It still looks freshly painted ... no chips, flakes, blisters, etc. I still can't believe how easy this paint made my project.

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    Thank you very much for the information...

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    Both good brands - use either one - just don't use anything else than SW or BM.
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    Ive used both Duration and Aura.

    I like Aura better because it seems thicker, so it splatters less. I think a lot of the BM paint is thicker than the equivalent SW paint.........only problem with Aura being the price (but if its a small room its not too big a deal)

    Now BM has a store 1/4 mile from my house, so they win hands down



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