I installed my "in-floor" heat last fall, and never really go a chance to "let it run' I installed 1 honeywell heat-only stats on each of the 3 zones, my question is.
Is there a special type of stat required for hydronic radiant heat system?
and is a slab sensor a must have for it to work correctly?

it seems that the room temp overshoots when it runs and stat lets the slab get cold when it is,nt running because it take a long time, 3 days it seems for the slab to cool down and the room temp stays at 70 due to forced air heat which means the stat is satisfied that the room is up to temp not letting the in-floor system work at all. Maybe when the outside temp falls more the forced air won't keep the basment as warm and the in-floor will make up the diff. which is what i'm aiming for. Both systems working together to heat as efficiently as possible.