The pipe that takes the hot water to our kitchen broke and because the plumber sent by our home warranty could not find the spot, we took their advice and instead of cutting open the concrete across our master bedroom, master bathroom, family room and kitchen to find where it burst, they re-routed the pipe around the house to the kitchen. It was a semi-desperate move but now we canít stand the sight of the pipe on my patio. The pipe is on the ground right where the concrete patio meets the exterior wall of the house. More than that, my two year old son figured out that it is funny to pull it so there is the danger that at some point we'll be left with no water. This rerouted pipe is about 20 ft on the side of my house and 30 more feet on the back of my house (along my whole patio). My question: how do I 'hide' it? Is there something that can mask it with? How do I make it safer? How do I make sure that it stays in place? Any advice?
Thank you.