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Thread: Basement - Air movement

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    Default Basement - Air movement

    First I would like to say thanks to the site. I got some great advice on how to add a shower to the 1/2 bath rough-in making it a 3/4 bath now!

    More work in the basement....
    I have been working on finishing my basement and plan on drywalling the ceiling. I just don't have the height clearance for a drop ceiling and I just dont really like the way they look. Because the ceiling is a bit low, somewhere around 7 feet finished, I want some type of air circulation; A ceiling fan. But I dont want my head smacked all the time.

    My solution is this. Within the walls I would like to put a register towards that top of a wall and one towards the bottom and put some type of blower between the two. Give it a reversible switch to blow from the top or the bottom. Say one of these on each wall, maybe one master switch, variable speed?? Maybe even have the registers in the ceiling pointing down and the other still near the floor to simulate a ceiling fan.

    I only have two registers in the basement that are attached to the HVAC. One on either end of the basement. I just need a way to move some of the air around that is already down there.

    Has this been done? Can it? Worth it?


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    I would consider something like this:


    if you have the space to install it. They also have a wall-mounted variable speed controller.

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    if the basement is going to be finished put in a small return down there in the middle of the room if possible.

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    The Grainger idea is much closer to what I want, but that will be difficult to get in between and behind a 2x4 wall without a big hammer. We have some Grainger catalogs here at work, I'll have to go though them. They may have something. I do have a soffet that runs the length of the basement, to cover the "I" bream. There is room to mount such a device. It just wont go exactly were I want it.

    As far as adding another return, I can still do that. I may need to anyway. I don't have a return in the basement, unless it is right off the furnace. I will have to look. I'm looking to provide a forced air solution. I happen to like a slight breeze in a room, the wife... not so much. But guess what...it's my basement.

    Ideally I was looking for a something that would suck and blow. Just like a ceiling fan you can flip the switch and it will either suck air up or blow air down. I wanted the same effect with just the fan in the wall. Suck air from the bottom of the room and blow it out the top and vise vera.

    Too many ideas, too little money.

    Thanks for the ideas!

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