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Thread: concrete shower base removal

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    Default concrete shower base removal or salvage?

    I am trying to remodel my bathroom and am stuck on how to remove/ salvage my concrete shower base. I have removed the ceramic tile and now have just the base. Is it possible to keep the base and simply re-tile or am I going to have to re-do the base? Any suggestions on how to do either would be great b/c I have absolutely no idea.
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    Default John Bridges where Are You?

    You may want to go to Terry's friend's site, johnbridge.com. I don't see any sense of trying to save the pan but some of the tile setters there feel you don't always have to tear it out.

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    Default base

    If the old base had a membrane liner, then the concrete should come out easily once it is cracked into smaller pieces. If it does not have a liner, then the concrete should be removed and one installed. For the relatively small cost involved, I would never trust an old liner, (especially since it could have been damaged while removing the tiles), and redoing it afterwards would require starting over.

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    Smile Thank You!

    Thanks for the responses. The johnbridge.com site is exactly what I need as again I really don't know what I'm doing. Appreciate it.


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