Hey all, I've been reading this forum like crazy, tons of good stuff here.

I'm dropping in a new deck-mount tub upstairs, and I picked up a groovy cable-driven overflow/stopper dealie. The tub is deep -- 33 inches from drain to lip -- and it's a center drain I've got nearly filling the far wall of the bathroom.

I've got the waste roughed in fine, but the overflow coming straight down (as it usually would, to meet the drain waste pipe) would mean still more holes in a perfectly good floor joist (they run parallel to the tub). I feel like I've probably put as many holes in it as I should Would it be OK to turn the drain line 90 degrees and have the overflow sort of wrap around the tub a bit (keeping a good slope) and come down? In other words, would another foot or two of pipe in that overflow line be a problem?