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Thread: Do I really need the "Water Stop Device"? (Washing machine inlet pipe)

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    Question Do I really need the "Water Stop Device"? (Washing machine inlet pipe)


    I hope this is the right place to ask this!

    I have a leaking pipe on an AEG washing machine - it is the cold water inlet pipe. The pipe has a device at the mains-end, which is described in the manual as a "water stop device, which protects against damage caused by water leaks in the hose which could develop due to natural ageing of the hose".

    Do I really need to spend a fortune getting the proper pipe from AEG, or can I just use an ordinary pipe without a "water stop device"?


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    I assume your talking about one of those braided flex hoses that has a built in stop.

    Well if so junk it and get something better. Better as in one with out the stop. I have had nothing but bad luck with those things.
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    Default hose

    They can be a nuisance because sometimes they assume a quick opening valve is a broken line and shut off prematurely. Throw them away. Get standard braided metal hoses, and replace them every 5 years of you are worried about a leak.

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    Probably the more important issue is to have and use religiously the main shutoffs to the WM. relying on the hoses over long periods of unuse is not wise...use the valve - close it when you are done.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the quick replies! I've included a photo of it so you can see if it is what you think it is.

    So if you guys reckon this is just some rubbish anti-leak thing then I'll go and get a normal inlet pipe. Do I need a non-return valve?

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    Hmmm I guess the watts floodsafe hoses are great compared to that one..

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