I'm removing my roof vent (for furnace and WH) in a remodel so was looking at getting a power vent model rather than going with electric since it's still much cheaper to heat with gas even today. However, after reading here it seems the new FVIR req has made the gas heaters pretty cantankerous (and much more expensive).

I need a 40 gal. Local supply house has the PV Rheem for $1100+. The other has A.O. Smith for $818. Didn't locate a Bradford White here and I understand they'll only sell to pros anyway. I could also get Richmond or Whirlpool (j/k on that last one - don't even offer a PV that I could see).

I'm guessing a direct vent would be much cheaper, but I'm too far from an exterior wall and don't really want to move the heater to where it wouldn't be in a central location even though I'll be doing a pex manifold also.

Should I just go ahead with an electric model? If so which brands should I stay away from?