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Thread: Wall-Mount Faucet Height Question

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    Question Wall-Mount Faucet Height Question

    I am having a granite top put on a very narrow vanity with an undermount sink. There is not enough room for a deck mounted faucet so I have to have a wall mount. I purchased Hansgrohe Terrano wall mount faucet. However the instructions are not clear as to how high up from the counter to install it. The diagram indicates 7 7/8" from the top of ???something. It is unclear as to the top of the sink or the top of the counter - it's just a simple drawing.

    The sink is about 6 1/8" deep. The granite top will be 1 1/8 thick. I've read about excessive splashing if the faucet is not the right height. I would greatly appreciate any insight.
    Doug H.

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    Well, for anyone interested, the plumber said regardless of any code, the lowest he would install it, would be with the spout no lower than 3" up from the counter top.
    We emailed Hansgrohe, they denied that thier installation instructions included any measurements for height! Which of course is insane because they clearly do include a diamgram with measurements. They did say it should be determined between the homeowner and plumber.
    Don't know about splashing yet, the sink won't be in for a while - have to wait for the granite.

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    Default height

    To have a useful faucet, I would mount it about 8" above the countertop, unless you are using a vessel sink which sits on top of the counter. If it splashes it will be because of the sink's shape, not the height of the faucet.

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    where is the sink? How deep on your counter? Advance or retreat in depth in order to get the steepest slope under the faucet's stream (when fully on).

    hj said the shape of the sink under the stream of water will produce splash.

    This explains why a faucet manufacturer will not want to get involved in discussions about height and splash.

    I installed valves to reduce the flow. A weaker flow reduces splash.



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