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Thread: Fitting to connect air compressor to 3/4" PVC?

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    Default Fitting to connect air compressor to 3/4" PVC?

    I'd like to connect my air compressor to 3/4" PVC to simplify winterizing my outdoor irrigation system.

    Can anyone suggest what kind of fittings to use?


    Joe in Virginia

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    Start with the fitting that will connect to your air hose. Take it to a plumbing shop and build your adapter from there ending with a fitting that will connect to your water system. I have a 1/2" ball valve in my adapter so I can allow the compressor to recharge the tank and so that I can make the connections easier. I blow from the place my backflow preventer was ( I remove it for the winter) so I attach the adapter to the main line with half of a 1" copper union. Then each zone is opened individually and blown with 2 tanks of air. Just a few fittings sweat together except for the valve and the air hose connector. I snug the union together, but I don't worry about 100% air tight. Gonna do my system tomorrow.

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    I would advise you to continue using the irrigation service company for this task. If you notice when the do the work they use a compressor like the one pictured below...

    Your home compressor probably flows about 1/10 the air that that one does and flow is what it's all about! Water left in the pipes will cost you!

    Also I don't know if you are talking about hard piping the run from you compressor to the irrigation system with PVC but you definitely do not want to do that as Compressed Air is not to go into PVC pipe!


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