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Thread: No build of pressure...

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    Default No build of pressure...

    Ok....here we go again, got a call at work, my wife advising me that the line between the pump and the switch blew off and water was spraying everywhere......she reattached the line to the fitting ....up until this time we have been having issues with the pump not building pressure, when it kicks in at its 30psi it runs without building pressure, I turn the switch off momentarly turn it on and voila...it begins to build pressure again....where and why is my Jet pump not building pressure, am i sucking air?..is my pressure switch faulty?

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    I would guess that there is something obstructing the ejector nozzle. Shutting the pump off reverses the pressure against the footvalve. This action may be dislodging the obstruction (at least temporarily).
    The nozzle is installed right before the impeller. When it's plugged up, the impeller doesn't get enough water, and the pump won't build pressure.
    There's nothing wrong with the pressure switch, although you should replace the line between the pump and switch. It seems like once they break, they'll continue to do so.
    For an exploded view of a shallow well jetpump go here:
    You'll be able to see the nozzle.

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    Default No pressure.......

    Thanks Ron..I`ll give it a shot....try..attempt....

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    Default no pressure........

    ok....I now know how my basement filled with water , the pump ran until it was so hot it, allowed the small pressure line to fall off, noticed that water was coming out between motor and pump, opened it up and found a shattered ceramic seal and a split ring on the spring, rebuilt it all, put it back together, primed it and it worked fine for 2 cycles, then back to 30psi, switch on switch off switch on switch off then it would build pressure.........the intresting thing here is when I took pump upstairs to garage I had to cut the black pipe, it basically melted to the fitting, I purchased 3ft of clear braided pvc, and made the connection for the suction end out of this, intresting to see your well water enter the pump, daughter thought it was cool but when the pump is running at 30 psi trying to build pressure..it almost sucks the hose soft/flat, once it finally grabs hold of some water it rounds out...is there a blockage in my line, is the foot valve blocked partially closed?

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    I'd venture to guess yes to either or there is something sucked up against the inlet to the foot valve preventing the pump from getting water. Or.. there is a part of the drop pipe sucking closed. If it's a two line jet, then something could be blocking the jet in j-body in the well.

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