Just purchased a house built in '64 with the original wall mount toilets. The waste pipes are copper and it appears unlikely that I would be able to reconfigure them to floor pipes for any reasonable cost. Toilets need replacing badly (finish on toilets, not structure/mounting.) The existing toilets are AS (no model) with the tank outside the wall.

Several years back this site helped me learn enough to dyi replace my condos floor mounted toilets with a couple of nice Totos, hoping to find the same sort of help this time around.

1) Are there standard dimensions for wall mounts "brackets"? Have they changed since '64? I have not opened up the wall yet, but one toilet backs on the main entry hall, so I'd prefer to wait on that - want to know what I need to look for before tearing out drywall - and a related question -

2) Will i need to remove the drywall behind the toilets to replace them?

3) Is It reasonable to attempt to replace wall mounts with rear outlet floor mounts?

4) Should one of the european style tank-in-wall systems work with my current "carrier" or do they require installing a new carrier?

5) Is there an easy way to determine the water pressure and gpm at this home? - it appears to have impressive water pressure, trying to figure out if one of the commercial style systems would work.

6) Does Toto make any wall/rear outlet styles? Very much like the ones I have, thought they must due to european sales of their other toilets but have not been able to find any

I'm sure there are more questions, I appreciate all the thoughts/help.