My unit is 5 years old. The other day water started leaking out from under my slant coil and through the bottom of my duct work and onto the floor. I checked outside and the drain tube had a weed growing into it about 12 inches. I pulled it out and thought that solved the problem. The next day it still was leaking. I got a vacuum and blew the hose from the condensate pump to the outside to clean it and it still did it again. The pump is working properly and everything seems ok on that end.
I called a professional and he took the duct apart and the coil was not very dirty at all, but drops were coming straight down onto the floor and not sliding down the coil to the pan. He took a vacuum to get a little dirt off of the coil but there wasn't much. He said if that doesn't work that there is a cleaner used to clean the coil he would have to get to maybe work. Anyone got any ideas?