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Thread: New 1.0 GPF Toto

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    Default New 1.0 GPF Toto

    From today's (7/21/12) LA Times:


    Toto, a Japanese company, holds the Guinness World Record for creating the toilet with the most functions: a model with a heated seat that lifts automatically, an air-freshening and deodorizing function, and auto cleansing.

    But Toto says its most significant advancement to date is a 1-gpf gravity toilet, an industry first. The toilet features Toto's Double Cyclone flushing system that the company says "marries flawless performance and exceptional bowl-cleansing action to ultra high-efficiency water savings, creating a clean, green flushing system that saves money, water and time." The model, which costs about $600, should hit the U.S. market this fall.

    "The challenge is to master the physics of moving water and waste through the bowl," said David Krakoff, senior vice president of sales at Toto USA Inc. "Our technologies have focused on different siphon designs, and the mastery of using different angles and water paths to create the flushing force in the bowl. The Double Cyclone has two 'jets' that propel the water with a circular vortex action."


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    This will be interesting for sure.

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    I'm working on a shot glass flush Myself ! Involves a shot glass and Home a Depot bucket. My new Co is TUTU.

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