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Thread: Mounting a AS Glenwall

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    Default Mounting a AS Glenwall

    Ok, the day of reckoning is here. I will be mounting my glenwall toilet this evening. I funally got a helper. Anyway, I know the top right bolt is jsut finger tightened then 1/4 turn but what about the others? Is there a good rule of thumb to follow on hwo tight those are? I do not want to crack the toilet. ....
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    Default Gleanwall

    IF you do it correctly, the other three bolt will have nuts on them flush with the finished wall. Then the large metal washers go onto the bolts, (this gives the 1/8" clearance specification). You put the toilet on the bolts, (set it onto the two lower ones and then tilt it up onto the top ones, then catch the upper left nut to hold it). Then place the lower nuts on the bolts and tighten all three. You will only be able to tighten them so far before the bowl will be clamped against the steel washers. Finally place the upper right hand tight and a quarter turn more. DONE.

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