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Thread: Frameless Shower Enclosure

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    Default Frameless Shower Enclosure

    I want to install either a 40x40 neoangle or neoround corner shower in the master bath. The installer that the plumbing supply place recommended is hesitant about installing a frameless enclosure in such a tight space. He says that it will leak.

    These are the enclosures I am looking at (by Maax)



    And this is the one he recommends is


    Is what he says true? Or is he just not a good installer and I should look somewhere else?

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    I think he's worried about the product itself, not the size, since that's the size that they are designed to be. What seals the water spray from the door edges?

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    Default enclosure

    The size of an enclosure should have nothing to do with whether it leaks or not. If it did, the companies would not make them in the first place. The installer determines how good it is.

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    I think the installer meant that he was hesitant to install a frameless shower door in an "tight space" like in a neo-angle installation. I have never seen a frameless neo-angle shower door, but I can imagine that you would get some leaking at the door joints as there is nothing there to seal them against the water being sprayed on the shower walls.

    What you want for a neo-angle installation is a door with a strong magnetic seal to give you the best possible guard against moisture leakage. Actually if you look at your second frameless shower enclosure, you will notice that it has a magnetic strip down the center, which would give you better leakage protection since the spray is usually directed there, but you will probably still have a little bit of leakage at the side of each door where the hinges are if water is directed there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Man View Post
    I think he's worried about the product itself, not the size, since that's the size that they are designed to be. What seals the water spray from the door edges?
    If you'll open up the PDF file given at the link, you'll clearly see that two different clear rubber gaskets are provided to seal where the door butts and where it hinges.

    How well they work, of course, depends greatly on the installer, but also on what he's dealing with prior to his arrival...........

    One of the most importand things with a system like this is that the walls be 'dead-nuts-plumb' and flat, and that the base be set perfectly level.

    The more gaps you have to fill, the bigger the chances of problems down the line.

    Also of supreme importance given the weight of these units is the need for framing to be behind where the header and the wall panels attach.

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