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Thread: Huge Root Issue

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    Guys I really can't thank you enough for your attention to my problem. Thanks Al Gore, I love the internet. Here's what I can offer by way of explanation:

    1. Did this guy even try to snake your line, or, did he go right to selling you a new line?

    He ran a camera and saw multiple root clogs/root incursions. He cleared out the stuff stuck in the roots (worms, etc.) and then proceeded to try and sell what amounts to him running a single piece of sewer line through my existing line, replacing the line and removing the "joints" or "connectors" or whatever the roots are moving through.

    I'm nervous about cutting down the tree because it will likely be a huge expense (this tree is a solid 80 feet high and probably 3 feet in diameter). It also really undermines the marketability of the home.

    #4 well I have never seen a home seller want to disclose anything like that or any real estate agents that want that type of info disclosed. The houses would never sell. The cost to fix the pipe is way more than just digging it up. The landscaping costs money also. I have had a few houses that the new owners move in and a few days or month later the sewer backs up. The boxes still sitting in the basement with goods still in them.

    I think I see what you are getting at, but maybe I'm missing the point. I'm pretty sure (obviously can't be positive) that the home owners knew about the problem and didn't disclose a material problem that they were aware of to the buyer. I've been in the mortgage/real estate industry for almost a decade and I could be wrong, but I think not disclosing these things is against good faith laws pertaining to transfer of property. Obviously having a multiple thousand dollar expense on my hands could've/would've changed my decision to make a sizable investment.

    Do you have any experience of homeowners going back to sellers and asking/litigating a problem like this to be made whole? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

    Again, gentlemen and ladies, I can't thank you enough--but maybe I have, doing it twice in one post.

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    Ok a large amount of roots just does not appear over night. It takes years to grow from a small amout and snaking the drain like maybe once a year. Then as time goes it becomes a bigger mass and your snaking it twice a year.
    I have never seen or heard anyone try and claim former owner responsibility. Most drain cleaners will be able to tell you if the line has been opened in the past. The clean out will be marked or a newer style.
    I'm betting there is a rather large hole in your pipe.
    Have you thought of or heard of pipe relining or pipe bursting. It could save you a few bucks.
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    The roots have been there. Your not the first to need then cabled on out.Call a good LOCAL-NEIGHBORHOOD drain cleaner and I bet you will be just fine untill the roots grow back.Don't over think it and don't worry! Roots are usual and customary,thats why these companies are called rooters.If these larger co.'s had there ways everyone would get new sewers and no root removal with a machine.

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    Have a local drain cleaning company, other than RR, come out and cut out the roots like others have suggested...then go on that large internet auction site and buy a product call Root X and use it. If you cut the tree down and use the Root X it should take care of the root problem... I would have the company that cuts out the roots run a camera when they are done to see just what the condition of the pipe is...it still may need replacement or repair but cutting the roots and using Root X will buy you some time...unless the line is colapsed.


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