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Thread: Water Softner Installation

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    Default Water Softner Installation

    Not realizing we would want to finish the basement when we moved in I went ahead and installed the Softener next to the main. It was of course then the easiest way to get her done. But Now I realize the softener is in the worst location but so is the main. I would like to relocate the softener next to the water heater. But to do this my instinct suggest that will require me to run a new line so that I can force the cold water through the softener first. I'm ready to do this but before I start I was hoping I could benefit from some sage advice the the members of this forum might care to offer. Any thoughts, considerations you might care to share would be greatly appreciated.

    I encluded a sketch for the water lines in the basement.

    Thank you

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    Make sure the main size is bit enough.

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    Talking very simple to do out of pex

    to do this properly you will want to
    first isolate both hose bibs and not run them
    through the water softener...

    I might be wrong...but it sounds like you installed the water softener directly at the main and you are presently watering your lawn with soft water..?? yes or No??..

    .All you have to do is run two hard lines to your hose bibs, and possibly a hard line to your cold water at the kitchen faucet....

    then everything else goes through the water softener at the new locatoin... give yourself a bypass

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    Default softener

    The most common way to do it would be to extend the main to the softerner at the water heater, then connect the soft water exit pipe to the cold water at the heater ahead of the water heater's shutoff valve.


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