I bought a Porcher Bedminster toilet about 5 yrs ago, which we finally installed a couple of weeks ago - (bathroom that was never finished as part of a remodel).

After a few hours, we noticed seeping from the base out onto the tile. The toilet has been reinstalled 4-5 times since with different sizes/brands of wax seals, and just ystdy with a Fluidmaster No-Wax seal. Each time the same leaking problem occurs.

The toilet flange is about 10 years old, appears to be in good shape & sits approx. flush with the tile floor. The flange does appear to be slightly tilted i.e. not level with the tile. The floor itself is level, but when I take the side-to-side level of the toilet bowl when mounted on the flange, it is off by perhaps 1/8". I don't know if this is the bowl and/or the flange together. The toilet does not rock when installed, it is firm.

At this point we are at our wits end. Should we install a flange extender? Should the toilet bowl be shimmed to be level side-to-side? Could there be a pinhole leak in the bowl itself - and if yes, how the heck to you look for one - and what do you do about it!

I am thinking of trying to find a Fernco No-Wax seal this morning - as this is apparently glued to the horn. Any suggestions welcome!!