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Thread: removing asbestos-covered pipes

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    Just so you totally understand what I am saying here, I would never had thought of dentists.

    Then, I read what you wrote and knew this was right.

    So, my dear friend, because of you, my dentist is voluntarily using monitors, and Jim, if one person comes through there like my Tim, you saved his life.

    For the doctors, dentists, medical pro's who won't voluntarily do what is right and neccessary, like taking all the vitals, not just ht, wt and temp; they will be breaking the law. If they think this law is not right, they need to explain why they think this.

    If 90% of the medical field, doctors, take all the vitals that still leaves 10% of the people at a loss. Maybe, a loss of life.
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    Default removing asbestos-covered pipes

    I know this thread is very old, but I would like to put my two cents in. Firstly, it is not illegal to remove asbestos from your own home. It is only illegal to hire someone who does not have a license to remove asbestos. You can do whatever you want to your own home without a license.

    Okay secondly, I have a home with a gravity furnace, in which the ducts in my basement are wrapped in asbestos. I have had quotes from Heating and cooling companies to remove the asbestos and install a furnace starting @ $5500. On the other hand if I didnt have the asbestos in my basement I could have a brand new furnace installed for $600, including removal of the old one. In these economic times, I cannot afford $5500. I cannot afford the $400-$550 a month energy bills I have because of the un-efficient gravity furnace either. I am in the same situation of the poster of this thread. I am going to have to take on this by myself. NO IT IS NOT ILLEGAL. My city home inspector told me that when I bought the house 8 years ago. I plan on cutting the ducts before where the asbestos starts, after wetting them. Put the whole duct (6-7 foot long) in a bag. Take the bag outside where I will put in another bag, and duct tape the bags closed. I will properly dispose of them. In my area there are many waste management companies that will take asbestos for little or no fee. Then I will demolish the beast of a furnace that its my basement and install a new one, in which I will need a permit for to have it installed.

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    Asbestos abatement services can be expensive, but they are a small fraction of the cost of medical treatments for mesothelioma and asbestosis. You may also wish to look at your homeowner’s insurance; sometimes the costs of asbestos abatement are covered in whole or part under such policies. Removing asbestos is a difficult, uncomfortable and strenuous job, and requires many serious precautions. In addition, if you attempt to remove it yourself, you are legally liable for any injuries that may occur as a result. Not to forget to mention, your insurance company will monitor your air-quality as well. It is a win-win situation. I would check my policy.

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    Stop trying to scare people.

    Having Asbestos in your home doesn't mean you're going to get mesothelioma or asbestosis, even removing it doesn't mean you will.

    It's a long term exposure thing, you'd have to be working with the stuff and disturbing it daily to actually get sick.

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    My God, no one is trying to scare anyone! You can safely have it removed, and lessen any concerns or worries and have it paid for by your homeowners! It is not that hard to understand. There are safety concerns with it. Maybe, your homeowners there in Canada would not cover it, but here in the US, they do! That is why at least here, you pay for insurance! USE IT.

    AND, if the crap is hanging in your house, by a furnace, it is getting into the air. PAINT it all your want. YOU and your family ARE breathing it.

    You have to understand how long that stuff was there and how much has already gotten into the air. It is horrible stuff.

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