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Thread: using a 15amp switch for disposal

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    Default using a 15amp switch for disposal

    how bad is this- I installed a new under sink disposal- the very old switch was dangerously located at hip height by the sink.. so I also relocated it to inside the sink cabinet- no way to get it easily on the wall. This way we feel it is very safe when we soon have a toddler running about. Anyway, the old switch was 20amp rated, gave a good click when you switched it, but so did all the old switches in the house that I have replaced. I put in a standard (25 cent) switch instead. Will my house blow up ;-) Seriously, will the switch over heat and cause a massive house fire.

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    Look at the amperage draw either stamped or printed on the disposer, and it will likely be less than the switch's rating for 15 amps. If so, you should be okay there.

    Old switches made loud clicks, and they also made large sparks. Some new switches are cheap and unreliable, but not because they are quiet.

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    Default switch

    IF the switch overheats and causes a massive fire, it will be because you HAD a major problem, not because you cheaped out on the switch.


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