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Thread: Underlayment for Tile Floor

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    Default Underlayment for Tile Floor

    I'm getting ready to put down cbu for a tile floor and planning on using the Hardibacker cbu -- but, saw another type of cbu which on a roll and is put down with its own self adhesive.

    It was at Home Depot -- but was unable to find it on their website.

    Does anyone have any experience with this type of cbu?

    Seems a lot easier to put down and cut vs. Hardibacker or standard Cement Backer board.

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    www.custombuildingproducts.com it's called EasyMat. I prefer Ditra from www.schluter.com, which HD also carries in some of their stores. I think Ditra has better decoupling. If the pre-packaged rolls would leave you with a lot of excess, some places will sell you what you need off a larger roll, often at lower prices. You can't beat popping into the store at odd hours, though. You can buy Ditra in quantities as needed at www.johnbridge.com in their webstore.
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    Thanks Jim for the info.

    I'll look into the Ditra and EasyMat. Seems like a good way to go.

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    Default Easy Mat

    I ended up using Custom Building Product's Easy Mat.

    No problems so far -- just make sure to follow the instructions and apply the adhesive primer to the sub flooring (and let dry clear) -- use a floor roller immediately after Easy Mat has been applied.

    It was $60 a roll which covers around 40 sq ft -- so -- it might be a little pricier than Wonderboard, Hardibacker, or Ditra.

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    Easymat is a nice (and expensive) product to use. It has insulating qualities against heat loss as well as sound sound. It will help deaden that "hollow" sound you get with tiles....very nice for a countertop installation!
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