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Thread: St Thomas Creations Quattro flushing technology toilet

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    Default St Thomas Creations Quattro flushing technology toilet

    Looking inside the Quattro tank.

    We're doing fine. We got our sewer situation under control and the new toilet is great (thanks again)... It's been installed for three months. We've plugged it three times.

    The flushing mechanism has broke and I'm at a but of a loss as to what to do to replace it. The problem seems to be that the handle, which screws onto the copper rod that attaches to the chain which lifts the valve leading to the tank, has worn away at the rod to the extent that it now dangles freely from the unit. In other words, it will spin freely in circles without flushing the toilet. I can tell that it's been eating away at the rod because there is a deep worn grove in the copper and when I removed the handle completely, fine copper dust fell from the hole in the handle.

    Copper dust from worn handle

    Anyway, it seems unfixable. I looked at the St Thomas website and found that any ordering of new parts needs to be handled through the distributer. I was wondering what your take on the situation was, whether or not I could order a replacement part through you, or if the parts are somewhat universal if I might be able to find something that will work at at hardware store?

    The worn rod for the handle

    Travis from Blaine
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