Total Alumimum - ND mg/l PQL-0.04 MCL-(0.05)
Total Barium - 0.56 mg/l PQL-0.05 MCL- 2.0
Total Iron - 0.12 mg/l PQL-0.01 MCL- (0.3)
Total Alkanity - 209 mg/l PQL-2.81
Turbidity -34 N.T.U. PQL-0.22
E. coli Absent
Total Coliform Present
Total Chloride -21.2 mg/l PQL-0.15 MCL- (250)
Total Manganese - 0.10 mg/l PQL-0.01 MCL - (0.05)
Total Organic Carbon - 4.22 mg/l PQL-0.1
Total Dissolved Solids - 296 mg/l PQL-10 MCL-(500)
Total Surfactant -ND mg/l PQL-0.2 MCL- (0.5)
Field pH - 7.36 S.U.

About a month ago my brother-in-laws well water suddenly appeared to be full of soap powders . The water was white & milky looking & there was even white grit that looked like laundry detergent . We live in an area that has a lot of natural gas wells & more being drilled everyday . There was a gas well drilled not far from his house at the same time this happened to his water well . There is some type of soap used by gas well drillers . These test results are from his water well , not mine . My question is this , do any of these test results reflect soap being in his water & if so which one . Also if none of these tests would reflect soap being in the water , what test should be requested that would ? The company that drilled the gas well had the test done . Any other comments on these test results would be more than welcome . Thanks in advance .