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Thread: Toto Drake flush adjustment?

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    Default Toto Drake flush adjustment?

    I have successfully installed a Toto Drake unit in my 20 year old house. All is well except that when I ran several trial flushes the tank did not drain very much at all. I watched the flapper valve, and it did not stay in the open position very long, therefore not much water left the tank. The chain seems adjusted properly, as it lifts the flapper and comes up against the overflow tube. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, FP

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    Welcome to the 21st century. Your Toto is operating as it is supposed to. A regular flush does not use all of the water in the tank. The "extra" provides a bit more pressure for the flushing process and is available if you feel the need for extra water just by holding the handle up for 2-3 seconds longer. It takes awhile for us older dudes to accept the fact that it doesn't take 6 gallons of water to flush at toilet that is designed for 1.6 gal (even less on some)

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    That is how all 1.6 gallon toilets work.

    They use 1.6 gallons, not 3.5 gallons.
    Therefore the flapper needs to drop down quicker for that to happen.

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    Just relax and use it!
    You have one of the best flushing toilets in the world!
    Just stab that handle and let it take over....
    You will find it does its job very well.


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