I have spent alot of time on design and building my irrigation system. I have the systems working well now. The pressure is great I have good water coverage over the lawn. Now I am going to tackle the well water problem. I am looking into a ridorust system. I have a white house so I need to make the rust go away. When this end of the project is done I never want any dirt in my hands again. I feel I have been in football camp all over again. I'm a boat guy not a dirt or yard guy. Most say rid o rust won't work. I need to make the rust go away. I have spent way to much time on the project to not finish thru. I am having the water tested tuesday am. Any other ways of treating rusty water with above ground pump shallow well? Thanks for the help. My well pump pressure now sounds like its hauling the mail. It works better than planned. The heads now slute instead of looking limp. Thanks Tony