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Thread: Opening slab - relocating shower drain-help

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    Default Opening slab - relocating shower drain-help

    I'm doing a small bath remodel in W.Covina, CA. It's being inspected so with your help, I'd like to get this right the first time.

    We removed the existing 32x32 shower pan and need to move the existing drain over about 8" to work with the new shower dimensions (60" wide with a 12" bench). Is it okay to use a 45 degree fitting ahead of an abs trap to relocate the draing? I will be gluing a short piece of 2" abs into the 45 degree fitting before connecting it to the existing galv or cast iron pipe with a "quick-connector", one of those connectors that have pipe bands holding on to a neoprene sleeve.

    I haven't opened it yet, so I'm not exactly sure what fittings I will need, but I wanted to make sure that the general idea of connecting abs to galv/cast iron is okay. Also, is using a 45 or 90 sweep to redirect a drain under a slab considered acceptable?

    I'm trying to attach a couple of images to help explain.

    Thanks in advance!

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