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Thread: Should I install a cleanout below toilet?

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    Default Should I install a cleanout below toilet?

    I thought that I posted this question last night but I donít see it. If itís a duplicate, sorry, please delete.

    Iím installing a new bathroom on main floor. The drain comes through the basement ceiling and I was going to install a 90 degree bend and then a 5 foot horizontal run (ľĒ/ft slope) where I will install a sanitary tee to the vertical stack that currently exists. (see sketch - Green is what I will be adding)

    Should I install a wye on its back and a 45 instead of the 90 degree bend to allow for a cleanout? Is that configuration allowed? (see sketch - Green is what I'll be adding)

    I also want to add a 3x3x2 wye on its side on the horizontal run to connect my shower drain. Should the arm of the wye be on its side or rolled up a bit past the centerline?

    Thank you.
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    Default toilet

    You CANNOT do it either way, period.

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    The fixture or fixtures need to be vented before they enter a waste stack.


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