Hello all,

Been racking my brain on deciding what kind of water heater to use in my new place. I have a takagi tankless I installed in my current house to replace an old gas fired tank. We only had forced air heat. I've been very happy with it for 3years now.

In the new place there is a boiler that I have broken out into several zones. The water heater there now is a Bradford White Nat gas due for replacement.

Was trying to decide if another "larger" tankless is a better option than an indirect. I don't have any experience with indirect but I like what I'm reading.
Since I have the boiler there I figured this is a good option. The boiler isn't new it's a Nat Gas Slant fin that is prob 20years old. I'm not replacing it now but figured I could tap off another zone to run an indirect.

I looked at weil-mclain, burnham and slant-fin's tanks and I think I get the best bang for the buck on the slant fin. It is a stainless tank w/ a lifetime warranty, good first hour recovery, and not bad in price.

I'm not sure how best to size my unit. We are 2/4 people in a house with 4.5 baths. I was thinking the 50 gal unit. No whirlpools to fill here.

Any advice or suggestions?