As an employer I am required to make sure that all safety rules and standards are adhered to in every way by each of my employees. Should someone get hurt on the job and the investigation find that I hadnít fulfilled each and every standard in detail then I can be held liable.

As an employee you have the responsibility of ensuring that all safety rules are followed to the letter. Failure to do so would lead to your discharge from the company. Being discharged for not complying with safety rules would disqualify the employee from any unemployment benefits.

Most employees do not understand the need for protective equipment simply because they donít understand the dangers involved. Most that have been shocked simply dismiss it as being something that can be tolerated and no harm was done.

Most of these tingles are due to the current flow across the epidermis of the skin and for a short duration. They have not experienced the effects of current flowing through other parts of the body such as the nerves or blood vessels. The resistance through these paths is a lot less than the epidermis. All that is needed for current to follow one of these is the tiniest of punchers of the epidermis.

Most people without the proper safety training just donít understand that the little tingle they felt could have let enough heat energy pass through the body to stop the heart. Now this stoppage might be in the form of a clot that was caused by this heat through the body and the person might not know that it is there until it hits either the heart of the lung. This might even take a day or two.

I canít help but wonder just how many people have died from electrical shock that was pronounced as a heart attack or drowning. I know of at least one who was shocked while in the pool but officially it was pronounced a drowning as his lungs was full of water.

We all must realize that the ultimate responsibility for our safety lies in our own hands. It is up to us to ensure that every measure of safety precaution is taken in every thing we set forth to achieve.
Safety First
Safety Last
Safety Always