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Thread: the drain is higher than the shower

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    Default the drain is higher than the shower

    Hoping to get a pre- and post hottub shower installed so as to minimize chemical use and cool off after a hot soak. In the basement where the tub is, the 4" drain pipe comes through the room from the upper floors and has a cleanout a few inches above the floor. it should be easy enough to put the shower on a pedestal and get a pump to take the water up a few inches to the drain.
    1- what brand or model of pump works best?
    2- whats the techniqud for using the existing drain? A cleanout cap with a flange on it? Is there a such thing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.....
    Thanks in advance,


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    So, the pipe runs horizontally through the area you want? Or, does it go down into the slab with the cleanout a little above the floor?

    The shower would require both a p-trap and a vent. A typical 2" p-trap is probably about 5" deep plus the thickness of the shower floor (pan) and probably some other things requiring height. This could make the floor height a significant step and affect headroom as well.

    You could do a conventional shower, right on the floor, if you used a sewage pump. This would allow you to also put in a toilet, and a sink as well - maybe put in a bar for the guests with a small sink and a drain for the icemaker! Ceiling height can often be an issue in a basement, so putting things up on a pedestal is not often a great idea, and it always looks cludgy.
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